シャヴィエ・ヴィザ Xavier Visa

Xavier Visa シャヴィエ・ヴィザ

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Xavier Visa

1968年〜  バルセロナ

私は異なったスタイルの絵をグローバルなコンセプトで描きます。 この展覧会では具象画で、多くは哀愁の漂う寂しそうな少女が殆どです。 少女の顔は見ることが出来ません。またピンぼけでも見ることが出来ません。 鑑賞者は実在を見ることができないので、私は提案したいと思います。時に人々は違った人生だったらと憧れを抱くことがあります。我々は違う人生、違う仕事、違う女性を想像したくなります。しかし、それら不変の憧れ全てを満たすことは出来ません。女性のシンプルなイメージは見たところ何か平凡です。でもそのイメージの内側に美術的なものがあります。視覚的な魅力のようなものが、我々の脳に意識的もしくは無意識な憧れをインプットされます。少なくともそれは女性についてではなく、我々が日々何をして、なぜ生きているのかについてであり、願望がその答えです。だから私の絵の多くは抽象画に近いのです。なぜなら具象イメージは逸話で、総合的なコンセプトの理解へのワンステップに過ぎません。それが私にとってのアートの意味です。

我々は疑問を持った時いつも明確な答えを欲します。でも人生や神についての大いなる疑問には、具体的かつ明確な答えはありません。 私の絵は実在するその例えなのです。私はピンぼけや色や光などによってリアリティを分解しています。人々は絵を見る時にいつも疑問を持って明確な答えを求めます。私はその問いには答えずに明確でなく具体的でもない違うことを言います。それは何か精神的な比喩的なものです。我々はいつも全てを知りたいと思います。特に西洋人は全て解らないと欲求不満になります。私にとっての答えはアートや音楽の中にあります。それは多分複雑です。

1968- / M / Barcelona

About the meaning of my's complex...   Xavier Visa With my paints, the different styles, l work with a global concept that were all the styles may be represented. In the case of this exhibition, all the paints are figurative, most, lonely girls with a kind of melancholy aura. Girls that never is possible to see their faces. The out of focus (starting always from pictures out of focus), is another way not to show the faces. Who watches the paint can’t see a reality, l want to show just a suggestion.

I think that in life, most of the people, sometimes we have the feeling of a kind of longing of another life, we want to imagine another life, another job, another woman... but theirs an universal longing of what we're sure that we'll never lived. We will never do all of our potentials.
A simple image of a woman, apparently, is something banal. But there is, must be inside the image, and as an art thing, a kind of a visual attraction that put our brains in a conscious or unconscious longing. At least is not about woman, is about what we are doing in life? Why we live? The longing is about those answers. That's why a lot of my paints are close to abstraction. Because the figurative image is just anecdote, it's just one step to understand the total concept. It's the meaning of art for me.

There is a kind of beauty that is not banal, like in the paints of Vermeer, just girls but inside the paints, the colors, the light… everything is full of stetic metaphors that lead us to a mystic contemplation of the paints. To see a good paint must be like a good moment in life, when we understand another important thing about life, about ourselves, trying to grow wiser.

When we people, we do the questions, we always want a clear answer. But the great questions about life, god, etc, they never have a concrete and clear answer. My paints are a metaphor of that, starting from reality, l deconstruct the reality (with the out of focus, the colors, the light, etc). When people look at a painting, figurative, they always have questions and they're looking for clear answers. I give them another kind of answer, there are, but they are not clear, they are not concrete. It’s about something spiritual, metaphorical. We always want to know everything and most of the people (maybe more the western people) they leave with the frustration to don't know all the answers. For me the answers are in art, music, etc… Maybe is complex…