千葉 蒼玄 Sogen Chiba

Sogen Chiba 千葉 蒼玄

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東京都美術館 上野アーティストプロジェクト2018 「見る、知る、感じる──現代の書」
Ueno Artist Project 2018 “Contemporary SHO—See, Know and Feel Today’s Calligraphy” at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
LA ART SHOW 2020 - 特別企画展(ロサンゼルス・アメリカ)
千葉蒼玄 3.11 鎮魂と復活
LA ART SHOW 2020 - Featured Exhibitions (Los Angeles, U.S.A)
3.11 Requiem and Revival: Sogen Chiba

LA ART SHOW 2020 席上揮毫(ロサンゼルス・アメリカ)


LA ART SHOW 2020 Special Performance by Sogen Chiba  (Los Angeles, U.S.A.)

Video of Work in Progress

千葉 蒼玄

Sogen Chiba

1955年〜 宮城県

宮城県石巻出身の書家。幼少時より書を学ぶ。若くして師を亡くしたことから独自の技法を習得し発展させてきた。中でも超長鋒(ちょうちょうほう)と呼ばれる鞭のような毛の細長い筆をつかい筆軸の回転運動によって墨の鋭い飛沫を意図的に紙面に刻む「飛ばし」の作品が海外でも反響を得る。2007年にはNYのコレクターが自宅ペントハウスで美術愛好家等を招いて彼の個展を開催、席上揮毫をする。また、地元でもプロ野球球団・東北楽天イーグルスの2011年チームスローガンに彼の書と「飛ばし」のイメージ作品が使用される。2011年3月11日の東日本大震災で気仙沼に保管していた長さ10mを超える代表作含む100点以上が津波に流されるが、すぐに立ち上がり、失われたものへの「鎮魂と復活」をテーマに東京と仙台で大規模な個展を開催する。また、鎮魂と復活をテーマに制作された横12.6m、縦3.6mの大作「3.11 鎮魂と復活」は近年、アメリカ・ロサンゼルスのアートフェアで特別展示され、LACMA(ロサンゼルス・カウンティー美術館)に収蔵された。



1955- / M / Miyagi

Chiba, a calligrapher born in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, began studying calligraphy during his childhood. Because he lost his teacher when he was still young, he acquired and developed his own original techniques. The aspect of his work that has attracted the most attention in Japan and overseas is his use of tobashi, or sharp splashes of sumi intentionally made through rotational movements of the handles of brushes called chochoho, which have long and thin bristles resembling whips. In 2007, a collector in New York invited art enthusiasts and others to his own penthouse for a private exhibition of Chiba’s works, where the artist demonstrated his calligraphic techniques. In Japan, a work of Chiba’s comprising calligraphy and an image made with tobashi was used for the 2011 slogan of the professional baseball team the Tohoku Rakuten Eagles. The tsunami caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011 swept away more than 100 of Chiba’s works stored in Kesennuma City including a representative work of over 10 meters in length. However, he soon recovered his energy and held large-scale private exhibitions in Tokyo and Sendai under the theme of “the repose of souls and rebirth.” He was invited to exhibit at the LA Art Show held in Los Angeles, USA, in February 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic was declared. Chiba’s large work “3.11 Requiem and Revival” was displayed at the entrance of the LA Art Show, which was visited by 70,000 people. During the Show, he painted another work, “Circle, Triangle, Square,” live as a demonstration performance during the exhibition period. Both works were added to the collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), one of the largest and influential art museums in the U.S., after the closure of the Show.

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MICROS MACRO (Gallery KITAI / Tokyo)
LA Art Show 2020 (Los Angeles)


CHIBA SOGEN Solo Exhibition (Gallery KITAI / Tokyo)


The world of Sogen Chiba 2016 (Miyagi)


Solo Exhibition at Artexpo New York 2015 (New York)


Requiem and Revival Part Ⅱ (Sendai Mediatheque/Miyagi)


Requiem and Revival (Gallery KITAI / Tokyo)


One Night exhibition in SOHO (Private house / New York)


Restaurant “GARI”(New York)


The world of CHIBA SOGEN(Sendai Mediatheque / Miyagi)


Expo I Love Japan (Liège / Belgium)
sumi_ism #8 (Gallery KITAI / Tokyo)


“Encre Noire Soleil Levant” ( L’ARBRE A PLUMES / Brussels)


Ueno Artist Project“Contemporary SHO—See, Know and Feel Today’s Calligraphy” (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum / Tokyo)


Live performance: LA Art Show 2020 (Los Angeles)